News Release from Fritz Springmeier

Over two weeks ago, this author was given
       inside information that the New World Order
       had pulled all their key
       people---specialists, and so forth out of
      S an Diego, CA. These people were given a
       secret high level briefing which told them
       to leave San Diego by April 3rd, and that
       the reason they were to leave was that
       Russia was going to drop nuclear bombs on
       San Diego, Seattle, NYC, coastal cities on
       the eastern seaboard where U.S. naval
       forces (such as subs) are kept, and Biloxi,
       Miss. These important people were then
       moved to Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and
       Utah where they could be secure
       underground. Two of these people had
       lived through Vietnam, and no longer
       trusted their government to care about the
       people, and it is through these two that
       this information leaked to this author.

    This information is important, but what is
       even more alarming is that many other
       things support this information & lead to
       only one conclusion, a nuclear war has
       been planned against the United States by
       Russia, & the American public is being
       blindly led into this war. People who are
       aware of Dmitri Dutiman s prophecies may
       not be surprised by this state of affairs,
       but none the less are placed into the same
       position everyone else is in. That position
       is to ask, "Will this really take place?,
       "What can we do to prevent this? & "What
       can we do to prepare to survive such an
       attack?" and finally, "What will be the
       warning signs that bombs are about to
       drop?" This news release will try to answer
       these questions.

Bad weather over Yugoslavia has
       apparently set back the script a few days.
       NATO says that they are two days behind
       because of bad weather. Apparently, the
       entire script must be played scene by
       scene, and the bad weather gave us a little
       more time. I also hope that by blowing the
       whistle on this devious plot over radio to 1
       million listeners might make the plotters
       think twice about their play which has
       chillingly gone through act 1, act 2, act 3,
       and act 4 all according to the script. There
       are many interesting things about this
       Kosovo crisis that the news media is
       mostly ignoring, What will follow is some
       of the collaborating evidence and related
       affairs which the reader may not be aware
       of, Yugoslavia is like Russia s little
       brother. Since NATO s attacks on
       Yugoslavia, Russian television has
       repeatedly referred to Russia s close
       relationship to Yugoslavia. Russia has a
       treaty to protect Yugoslavia if it is
       attacked. What big brother would not
       defend his little brother? So why has not
       Russia honored their commitment to
       Yugoslavia? Perhaps they are moving to do
       just that. More on this in a moment.

NATO and Yugoslavia are locked into this
       crisis which continues to escalate. NATO
       continues to weaken itself as it uses up its
       limited supply of cruise missiles and
       ammunition. The United States has been
       sending its reserves of food and medical
       supplies to the Balkans. The United States
       is greatly overextended. In order to fight in
       the Balkans, air force units patrolling
       northern Iraq had to be shifted to the
       Balkans theater. The aircraft carrier in the
       Persian Gulf went to the Adriatic and the
       only American aircraft carrier in the Pacific
       is now in the Persian Gulf. The fighting in
       the Balkans has no strategic importance in
       relationship to a conflict between Russia
       and the U.S. In other words, we are
       preoccupied with a costly war which if we
       get into a war with Russia has no strategic

According to eyewitnesses who have sat in
       on high level meetings, the Kosovo crisis is
       following a script. There are numerous
       clues that this is true, in fact, many items
       of the pre-written script are being played
       out before our eyes. On the Bill Brumbaugh
       radio show, this author warned that the
       next step in the script was for Russia to
       increase tensions and "rattle her sabres".
       This stage just began today, as the
       Russian government demanded that the
       United States and NATO stop the bombing
       in a few days or else they would take
       action. At the same time, Russia has
       announced they will try to form a group of
       world leaders to work on diffusing the
       crisis. For those who are still skeptical, lets
       postulate for the sake of discussion that
       Russia wanted to nuke the U.S. If so, then
       how would events be scripted? The
       Russians would not want to announce their
       intentions so they will wear a smiling mask
       that hides their true intentions.

Instead of being bellicose like Kruschev,
       they will put on a calm nice front, so as
       not to alarm their prey. Further, there
       would have to be some kind of pretext that
       would justify to the Russian people that
       America was aggressively a threat to them,
       and that their honor, patriotism and
       morality called for a strong reaction. NATO
       has been portrayed in the Russian media
       as having broken several international laws
       to interfere in the internal affairs of the
       nation of Yugoslavia. The U.S. has
       supposedly according to their news already
       launched an ICBM from a submarine that
       hit Yugoslavia. The United States also
       placed sanctions on 3 Russian companies
       Tula Design Bureau, Volsk Mechanical
       Plant, and the Central Research Institute
       for Precision Machine Building on April 4,
       1999. At a time that American-Russian
       relationships are fragile, our government is
       busy humiliating and agitating the
       Russians. It does not make much sense.
       Why are we ignoring the Russians and
       humiliating the Russian government in
       front of the Russian people? Like I
       reported, we are following a script in which
       our traitorous leaders like Bill Clinton are
       involved in order to bring in the New World
       Order. This script will soon usher in W.W.

III.          Unfortunately, much of what is happening
       is not being reported, so most people can
       not put together the pieces that would
       expose how the crisis has been created at
       the behest of the World Order in order to
       implement their NWO agenda.

The subject of Russia and its reaction to
       the NATO attacks on Yugoslavia has
       received very little attention on the
       establishment media. When the subject is
       raised, the answer is that Russia is an
       economic basketcase and they can t do
       anything. First, the bear still has claws. For
       years, Russia has been stockpiling the food
       that U.S. and Europe has sent them.
       Russia has secretly been enhancing their
       military. Their people are poor and
       suffering only because they have continued
       over the last few years to stockpile large
       quantities of food and weapons. They have
       followed both Sun Tsu and Lenin's doctrine
       of feigning weakness. One NSA agent told
       this author in a half-cocky fashion, simply,
       "If you want to understand what is
       happening today, read Sun Tsu." On the
       surface that does not seem to say much,
       but if one understands that Sun Tsu
       advocated feigning weakness to surprise
       one s enemy, it says a lot.

In 1992, this author attended a conference
       at Lewis & Clark College which was opened
       to the public entitled "The New World
       Order". The speakers were several Russian
       professors from Moscow, such as the
       University of Moscow. I got a chance to ask
       questions. They said that Russia was in
       the same transition that the Weimar
       Republic was ~ when it became a Nazi
       regime. They also admitted that they had
       seen that food was being stockpiled and
       not getting to the people. They said that
       they had seen no tangible help from
       Europe and the U.S. reach Russia, and yet
       our media made it sound like we were
       feeding the hungry Russian people. After
       starving for years, just like the Germans
       during their trial period with democracy
       after W.W. I, the Russians don t care if
       they go to war, or if they are led by a
       dictator. They just want to be taken care of
       and feel the same pride they had in their
       country when the world feared and
       respected them.

Several books could be written about the
       details in this news release, including
       several books about how the United States
       is practically defenseless. Americans keep
       bearing the mantra "We are the world's
       only superpower." And every time it is said,
       godly people should remember the truth,
       "Pride goes before the fall."

America s early warning system, our radar
       network that told us when enemy bombers
       were 2,000 miles away, was shut down by
       President Bush. So now we have our eyes
       closed. If that were not enough to be
       defeated, Clinton made an executive order
       which forbids the military from reacting to
       a Russian first strike. Our generals and
       admirals must wait until the first strike
       bits, before they can respond. This is like
       going into the boxing ring and saying "Give
       me your best hit". Well, the Russians are
       ready to give us their best hit, and it will
       be a knock out punch. It used to be that
       we would launch our missiles when we
       detected theirs being launched and the
       missiles would cross mid-air and blow up
       both countries. Now we are to absorb their
       first strike. That is why their first strike is
       targeted to knock out our naval bases and
       submarines. They have produced enormous
       numbers of killer submarines which greatly
       outnumber our submarines and these will
       attack to eliminate any submarines at sea.
       Except for our mobile subs, the U.S. no
       longer has mobile missiles, but only a
       reduced number in fixed locations.

We are building a new defensive system
       that has not been brought on line. Now is
       ideal for them to strike, The downsizing
       and budget cuts have greatly weakened our
       military. Plus our leaders have done
       everything possible behind the scenes to
       weaken us, claiming that this was the
       peace dividend from the fail of
       communism, and necessary to balance
       their budget.

Obviously a few of our missiles will get
       past their excellent Anti-ballistic Missile
       Defense system (by the way, we have no
       ABM system). This means that the
       Russians will receive a few casualties, but
       these will be minor compared to the
       damage that we receive. There are many
       reasons why the Russians need to strike
       soon, or lose their capability. Their own
       nuclear weapons are corroding and
       decaying. They also face a worse Y2K
       problem than we do with their military
       computers. Their military leaders are now
       publicly urging that the Russians do
       something with their military to stop the
       bombing of Yugoslavia.

The groundwork has been laid for the
       Russian people to believe that they have
       the moral high ground in launching a
       nuclear first strike. We are seen as the
       aggressors who created this Yugoslavian
       crisis. The Russian people have seen
       women and children killed by our bombs.
       The Russian government warned the United
       States that it would take it very seriously if
       any harm came to the many Russians in
       Yugoslavia. The Russian embassy was very
       close to one of the sites which was just
       recently destroyed by NATO bombs. The
       Russian military now has a complete
       advantage over the United States, and in
       their eyes every reason to strike us. Will
       they? Many clues and inside reports from
       all over confirm that this is exactly where
       we are headed. In fact, we only have days
       from now. By the time this report reaches
       you, we will be very short on time.

I apologize that this warning is so late. On
       the other hand, there have been many
       visions received recently by devout
       Christians warning of what this news report
       states. Even the reported prophecies by
       the Virgin Mary in Yugoslavia years ago,
       said W.W. III would break out this way. (I
       don t believe that "she" was honestly the
       Virgin Mary, but that the enemy
       manufactured those reports so that people
       would later recall them and say that this
       W.W. III was God's will and that we could
       not do anything about it. The truth is, it is
       a World Order script that has been well
       orchestrated behind the scenes.) One of
       the important areas to watch to see if war
       is to break out is North Korea which will
       join Russia. North Korea recently had 7 spy
       ships chased away from Japan by the
       Japanese navy. It was reported that the
       Japanese navy fired hostile shots for the
       first time since W.W. II. These are the
       kind of incidents that one will see before a
       major operation. Before any offensive,
       probes will be made to learn day to day
       intelligence. An increase in probing and
       spying is an alarm. North Korea has been
       very volatile, and the situation looks like it
       is ready for a new war.

When war breaks out, the script is that
       China will jump in on Russia's side and
       seize Taiwan, now that we have no fleet to
       protect Taiwan. It is not difficult to
       imagine that Clinton and the NWO
       probably have planned it this way, when
       one remembers that Clinton is facing a
       scandal for having given the Chinese high
       tech for their military, and that they were
       spying during his administration on our
       best secrets. He also gave them the port
       facilities at Long Beach, CA.

Mexico has been denouncing NATO's
       attacks. Isn't that strange? Mexico, who
       seems to be so close to America, is
       politically siding with Russia and
       Yugoslavia on this one. Eyewitnesses
       report how Mexico has been used to
       warehouse Russian heavy equipment for
       their next war against us. Teams of
       Mexicans have been highly trained by the
       Soviets (similar to our Delta teams) and
       are to be used during Russia's takeover of
       the U.S. Mexican gangs and highly trained
       Mexican military teams are to be used for
       the house-to-house searches. Some have
       already received the addresses of the
       houses they are to receive (occupy) when
       certain American homeowners are evicted
       from their homes.

Cuba will also be used as a base of
       operations against us. Further, millions of
       the recent immigrants into the United
       States have come here from Russia, China,
       Eastern Europe and Vietnam, and are
       programmed to cooperate with the
       destruction of America.

The extent of the crisis looming over the
       horizon, is worsened by the fact that our
       government is loyal to the New World
       Order and can not be trusted any more
       than the Chinese, Yugoslavians, or
       Russians. Many American mind-controlled
       slaves who work for the World Order are
       not being taken out of harms way. They
       are somewhat expendable in order to
       preserve the secrecy of this whole devious
       traitorous operation, They are being
       programmed with information to make
       them more survivable than the common
       ostrich-with-his-head-in- the-sand
       American. One of the items that is being
       programmed into these mind-controlled
       slaves is to not trust the American
       government after the nuclear attack. The
       American government will be sending
       people to concentration camps, and
       rounding up people they consider a threat
       for execution. These slaves are being
       programmed with instructions to help them
       sidestep and survive the tyranny of the
       American government after the war starts.

We still have another final act before the
       bombs hit. Russia's military will increase
       their sabre rattling and increase the
       tension. This is only a cover so that they
       can get their military in position. People
       are going to think that the Russian military
       is responding to Yugoslavian crisis, while
       in reality they are moving into position for
       W.W. III.
         After a short increase in tension, a false
       political breakthrough will occur, similar to
       the Japanese peace negotiations just
       before Pearl Harbor. The U.S. will relax at
       this political breakthrough and then the
       attack will hit.
         Our time is very short, Prepare a shelter,
       get Potassium Iodide. Take Calcium,
       Potassium, Zinc, and Vitamin B-12. Have
       some foods like chocolate bars as morale
       boosters. We will be underground for
       several weeks.

Several years ago.. i was aware that many UHAUL TRUCKS and RYDER TRUCKS were UNAVAILABLE for Shipping anything out of San Diego.. some friends of mine who haul large UFO equipment to shows in San Francisco could not get a truck because when they checked out why.......... they found out that the trucks were going one way ....... towards Las Vegas and Area 51 and Dulce.. they were FULL of CRAY COMPUTERS>> all the major computers were going UNDERGROUND!!!! FOR PROTECTION......

I apologize for the script being small.. but somehow the SAIC group is able to get into my computer and make anything i try to copy and paste that is important itsy- bitsy.. so that you don't notice it.. please understand i would have liked to make the script above large for you to read....... and i will be hand copying it the next few days to counter their dubious achievements.