From Rayelan Rushbacher

Gunther once told me a story about the peasants near the Black Sea who had
>destroyed a group of blood drinkers with only pitchforks and wooden spears.
>He described the ritual that blood drinkers put their victims through. It
>a sword dance where the victim was progessively sliced, not to kill the
>or cause them to bleed, but to raise the level of terror to a certain point
>where the soul was at its most powerful and then could be extracted. These
>people used a device. It was so heavy that it took four of them to plunge
>into the heart of the victim. I was not clear on whether the blood of the
>victim also went into the four people who held the device, or if is was
>the energy of the person.
>In this ritual, all four people shared the life or soul energy of the
>This enabled them to live forever, as long as they had their device and
> But Gunther said that his ancestors led the group of peasants to destroy
>these people. He said they took the device and rowed out into the middle of
>the black sea and threw it in there. He also says the device is the
>the sea is called the Black Sea. He says that there are still many Satanist
>groups near Odessa.

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Below is another email to me about the story of the Sacrifice and how it is done and undoubtedly will be used through the SOLAR CROSS EVENT this AUgust..


The story is an incredible one. I have a lot of details other than the cross.
Maybe one day, when I have the time, I will write it.

It involves true love, sexual torture, a torture sword dance, and a beautiful
nude woman spread eagle on the floor. The swordsman was a dancer also. His
movements were like a ballerinas.

The sacrifices were usually beautiful young women. they used young women
because the fear level is the highest in young women.

Once she was tied down she was usually raped by the ones who weren't
privileged enough to be part of the cross ritual... only four people could
carry the cross.

After the dancer had sliced her to pieces... the four men or women with the
cross began their own kind of dance and chant... they circled the body
chanting some ritual chant, and at the right time, they thrust the downward
pointing spike into her heart.

I do not remember Gunther telling me that blood spurted up through the cross
device... but it certainly seems possible that it did. What he said is that
the life force of the young woman would be sucked up into the black cross and
radiated out the four arms of the cross.

The handles at the ends of the cross were not at  90 degree angles. the
energy wouldn't flow properly around a 90 degree angle. There was a slight
curve.  One of these days I will find the drawing Gunther made of the device.
I am sure I saved it... unless it is with all my things that were left in

I am thinking about trying to write this up as a short story. I know that the
time frame was shortly after his relatives migrated from the Iraq area to
Hungary... they sojourned for a while by the black Sea... the migration took
several hundred years.





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