While leaving Indianapolis, on April 2nd....I encountered some black and multicolored vehicles that seemed to be

trying with INTENT to hassle my driving capabilites...fortunately there were some wonderful TRUCKERS who

created a magnificent WALL for me to pass through...I shall be eternally grateful to them and to

the trucker who had INEDIBLE on the back of his truck in large letters.....Thankyou.....

.During the first part of the the trip, I also encountered some incredible thunderstorms March 30th....from Oklahoma to St.Louis....a drive through "HELL" with many accidents on toll road..[44] to Joplin, .the likes of which I had never seen before....Growing up in the midwest, I knew storms, but these were different.... control storms from the TESLA TEK of HAARPE . I do mean HAARP-E....Remember the HARPY?


see Kent Steadmans's


....After my visit with my father in Indianapolis my destination was to visit my friend Emerson Spider Sr. in South Dakota...About 6 P.M. in the city of Norfolk, Nebraska.......as I was leaving the city about 5 miles to the west ,a black pickup truck with extremely powerful flood lights in addition to his regular headlights, started hassling me on highway(275)....the truck seemed to be trying to intimidate me....and drive me off the highway......it would come within 1 inch of my bumper and back off....this happened several times....then the truck passed and went off to a park ..Because it was Friday evening April 3rd...I assumed that perhaps someone had had too much to drink and was just having "FUN" with me on the road......about a half hour later, the same truck came up behind me again beginning the intimidation....I called the police through my cellular phone , although I never saw them......Again the truck intimidated me.and left ...... about 10 P.M. the Black RAVEN passed me again for the last time and honked.... then fortunately, the mysterious RAVEN stopped for gas.... I stopped next to it, asking the people WHY were they doing this to me?......a man, late 40's or early fifties, with redish brown hair, jeans on and western shirt, came out and started to threaten me. When I asked him what he was doing, he told me that I probably wouldn't make it out of Nebraska that night alive....He had a lady with him in the truck with short blond hair, who feigned the problem was the two large dogs in the back of the truck..I'm not very good at identifying breeds of dogs, but these were large dogs... perhaps Dobermans, who enjoyed barking loudly at me....... I went into the gas station after they left, .in which I had gotten their license plate. Nebraska..[66 599]...I asked the attendant if she knew who was in the Truck..she said ofcourse, didn't I know that was Cap Dierk's son..Senator of Nebraska...I don't follow Nebraska politics, being an Ari-Zonan..so I had no idea who was trying to intimidate me on the highway....but when I found out, I knew that his family was part of the general UFO DRAConian problems of the U.S.... "They" were after me....I started to drive out of O'Neill, Nebraska on my destination to Valentine, when I decided that this game being played certainly was not in my best interest......so I decided to HIDE ...I befriended several people outside the city of O'Neil..stopping them on the street and they kindly agreed to help me, by allowing me to park in their yard..... all was well for the night until "They " started beeping my cellular phone, that I had completely disconnected and taken apart ....."They " were trying .to get satellite coordinates and find me!....I saw many cars and trucks go up and down the street, but they couldn't "Seeeeee" me......I knew that......even though I was in plain site.....About midnight...I decided this charade was NOT going to continue ..... eventually I would face sunrise.....so I drove back to the city of O'Neill with my headlights off....It worked.! .as soon as I entered the city, one- by -one the cars started to pull up behind me........I drove further and found a MacDonalds restaurant that had a lot of young people around it... pulled up to the window and told a lady to please call the police.... immediately, Two Officers came and were very concerned and helpful.....they escorted me to a Motel "8" and put an undercover officer in the room opposite me..The lady officer wasn't sure I would survive the night... She wrote my home phone number on the palm of her hand....I shall always be grateful to the two officers who helped me, checking on me throughout the night...in the morning I found a trucker who was willing to escort me through the city and help me out of Nebraska.........



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