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The Editor of Rumor Mill News was married to Gunther Russbacher, the ONI and
CIA operative who was the  October Surprise Pilot

It is my opinion that Gunther Rushbacker was taken over by the dracs.. after listening to the correspondence by his ex-wife.. often the Dracs "take-over" those who they admire as opponent warriors.... and then they try to turn them into "MINI-Darth Vaders " ....that is precisely what they are hoping to do to me.. and it will not happen..the question is exactly when did this change in Gunther take place?

ah ho Wiolawa

Is Yugoslavia Being Depopulated

In Order For Aliens To Settle There?

(YES!!!!!...My Comment Wiolawa)

The following was published in the December 1996 issue
of Rumor Mill News. I am republishing it because it
definitely puts another slant on the real reason behind the
fighting in Yugoslavia.

        Connecting the Pieces of The Puzzle
         by Anonymous( an associate of Gunther's)
The following is my attempt to pull together four tangled
threads and weave a tapestry that may or may not be the
full story. I have no proof that the conclusions I am
drawing are accurate, I am only putting out information
that has come my way. Information that I believe to be true.

                    The Four Puzzle Pieces:
              1.  Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
          2. Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia and Yugoslavia
                    3. The  Hale-Bopp Comet
                4. The UFO Crash at Roswell, NM
1st Puzzle Piece:
Wright-Patterson AFB is located in Ohio between Dayton
and Springfield, near a smaller town named Fairborn.
Located nearby is the Wright brothers museum, the Air
Force Museum, the Air Force Institute of Technology,
Wright State University, and  many smaller and lesser
known institutes.

Wright-Patterson is currently in the news because it has
been chosen as the location for the Bosnian peace talks.
The leaders of NATO and many European countries will be
meeting there with the representatives of the warring
factions in Bosnia. No reason has been given for choosing
Wright-Patterson as the location for these talks.

With all the beautiful and historic places in the world that
could have been chosen for this meeting, why was an Air
Force Base, that is barely known to people outside Ohio,
chosen as the location for the Bosnian peace talks?  Talks
that  were held many stories below ground in a huge top
secret underground bunker.

The only real claim to fame that Wright-Patterson has, is
that it houses the Roswell UFO. This  widely circulated
rumor states  that immediately after the 1947 UFO crash in
Roswell, New Mexico,  the alien space craft and  alien
bodies were quickly and surreptitiously transported to
Wright-Patterson AFB, where they were  stored  in an top
secret  hangar.

2nd Puzzle Piece:
Yugoslavia has been fighting wars  for almost a thousand
years. Contrary to what appears in our press, the current
war is a religious war between Muslims, (the descendants
of the invading Turks), Christians and Orthodox Christians.
The barbarity that goes on in the region has been going on
since the Turks invaded Eastern Europe and cruelly
subjugated the people.

The invading Turks forced the Christians to become
Muslims. They converted or they died horrible deaths.
Another  way the Turks made  Muslims out of Christians
was to take the oldest son of every family and raise him as
a Muslim.

By doing this, Fathers were turned against their sons  in
battle. The sons, who were raised by Moslem fathers,
stayed true to the adopted father and killed  their own

The brutal, savagery of the Turks is well known, even in
today's world. The United Nations Turkish army in Korea
earned a reputation as the most powerful and brutal of the
allied powers fighting in Korea.

Vlad, the Impaler, a feudal baron of the Dragon clan, or
Dracul clan, is known throughout the world for his
savagery, barbarism, cannibalism and vampirism. Many
historians claim that he was merely a sadist of the worst
degree. However, other historians who are familiar with the
Turkish invasion and subjugation of the European people
believe that Vlad employed these tactics to scare the Turks.

He became so feared for his heinous tortures and cruel
barbarous  treatment of captured prisoners that the Turks
fled  when his army approached.

His theory must have been to copy what the Turks  did and
do it a thousand times worse. The KGB used this technique
when dealing with Iranian terrorists who kidnaped their
agents. The KGB kidnaped relatives of the terrorists and
tortured them savagely before they killed them. The
Iranians immediately released the kidnaped KGB agents,
while our agents, like Terry Anderson, were held captive
for five years.

Some historians credit Vlad with stopping the Turkish
encroachment into Europe. However, he is best known as
the prototype of Dracula.

The word Dracul translates as dragon, which was the name
of his clan, just as King Arthur's clan was called the
PenDragon Clan. Pen translates as "head", therefore Arthur
was descended from the "Head Dragon's Clan".

The savagery and cruelty in Bosnia has gone on for
hundreds, maybe even thousands of years. It seems to be an
area of the world that is doomed to fight wars  until the last
drop of human  blood is shed, or until the three warring
factions are separated so they can not interact with each

On the NBC evening news the other night,  I heard that a
renegade Serb commander is clearing an area of its Muslim
inhabitants. The area is almost depopulated because no
civilians, Serb or Muslim, dare to venture out into
unprotected disputed lands.

3rd Puzzle Piece:
Several months ago a discovery was made by two amateur
astronomers named Hale and Bopp. A planet sized comet
was discovered at the distant reaches of our solar system. It
was named after its  discoverers, Hale and Bopp. The Hale-
Bopp comet appears to be somewhere between 100 and
1000 miles in diameter and is headed toward earth. Its path
will not collide with earth, but it will pass close enough for
us to get a good look at it. If we had a shuttle ready to go, it
could gather some extraordinary information.
Other observatories around the world have been studying
the comet  and giving their reports. I find it interesting that
most of the information that I have gathered on the comet
does not come for the major media, but from talk radio.
Reputable astronomers have said that it appears to have a
spiral shaped structure on its surface. Others have said that
the "planet" or comet is cube shaped.

Some  Christians have speculated that this is the New
Jerusalem which will  set down somewhere in the Holy

Other people have referred to the books by Zachariah
Sitchen and have proclaimed that the comet  the 12th planet
making its 3,000 year orbit close to the earth. This version
states that the comet, a.k.a., planet,  will dispatch hundreds
of ships which will land on earth. The  arrivals from the
comet or planet are the Anunnaki, the master race that
seeded us here as their work animals.

4th Puzzle Piece:
In 1947  newspapers across the country reported that an
alien space craft had crashed outside of Roswell, New
Mexico. The story ran for several days until a military
spokesman gave the official government story that it had
only been a weather balloon.

For almost 50 years rumors have traveled in the UFO
community speculating as to what really happened at
Roswell. Eye witnesses disappeared or refused to talk, but
still the rumors leaked out.

The craft was recovered.  Eye witnesses reported that alien
bodies were also discovered at the crash site.. It was even
rumored that one of the aliens was alive at the time of the
crash recovery.

According to one military source, the Air Force knew that it
needed to get all pieces of the UFO and alien bodies out of
New Mexico as fast as possible. Reporters from all over the
world were coming to Roswell and descending on the crash

Within two to three days of finding the UFO, everything
was moved to Wright-Patterson AFB and put under a high
security in a hangar which was off limits to almost

                  Fitting the Pieces Together
+ Three of the puzzle pieces have a passing relationship.
+ The Roswell crash debris was taken to Wright-Patterson.
+ Wright-Patterson will be  the site of the Bosnian Peace

But how does the Comet Hale-Bopp fit into to this?

In July of 1990, shortly before Iraq invaded Kuwait, there
was a top secret meeting held in one of the highest security
Air Force Bases in the United States. I did not attend the
meetings, but I was on the base at the time the meetings
took place. I had dinner in the Officer's Club with many of
the men who did attend the meetings.

One evening two intelligence operatives, who made up part
of the security detail, sat down at my table and started
talking. We knew each other because we had worked
together in the past.

Their conversation touched on many different things. Some
were details of missions they had been on, some had to do
with hidden details of Iran Contra and the  NATO stores of
arms. Most of what they were saying was the typical talk
between men who have lived the same kind of covert
lifestyle. But one comment was out of the ordinary and it
certainly  perked up my ears, because it had to do with

The conversation started off with one man saying that there
had been increased UFO activity off of Kuwait in the past
month. He said that  some people were speculating that the
aliens had actually contacted the Kuwaiti government and
were negotiating some kind of deal with them.

The other man responded that there was a UFO base under
the water of  the Persian Gulf just off of Kuwait. He said he
had known about it for years.

One man asked the other, "Do you think the UFO activity
has anything to do the big landing that is planned for the
end of 95?"

"You mean the one in Yugoslavia?" the second man asked..
The first man nodded yes, and  the second man replied.
"Yeah, I guess so. They are probably scout ships making
sure that we honor our agreement."

"How many are coming?" The first man asked.

"I've been told 12 million."

"Where are they going to put them all? And how are they
going to keep the rest of the world from knowing about

Neither man had an answer to the question and they quickly
moved on to other things.

I later questioned a close friend who had a high level
security clearance. "What can you tell me about the 12
million aliens who are scheduled to land in Yugoslavia?"

"How did you find out about that?" he asked. I told him I
had run across it at Langley. "How are you going to place
12 million aliens in a country and not have anyone find out
about them?" I queried.

"We're in the planning on that right now. Yugoslavia can
be "ethnically cleansed". All we have to do is whip up a
war between old enemies, and they will depopulate the area
for us."  He laughed and walked away.
               * * *

Now you have all the pieces of the puzzle that I have. And I
will pose a question to you:

Could the war in Yugoslavia have been triggered by
outsiders? Could  the long simmering hatred between
Christians and Moslems have been purposely ignited? 

Could the real purpose of the war  be to depopulate areas of
the former Yugoslavia  through "ethnic cleansing" and
genocide, so that 12 million aliens can move in  and live?

Are these aliens aboard the Comet Hale-Bopp?

Is the meeting on Wright-Patterson AFB being held there
because ever since Roswell, Wright-Patterson has been the
hub of all alien information and coordination?

I have no answers, I just know that three men with high
level security clearances all knew about the 12 million
aliens and their planned settlement in Yugoslavia.
               # # #

RMNews Comment:
The author of this last piece is a contract agent who has
worked for many different government agencies and
departments. In the past, his information has always
checked out.

I can't help but wonder if Zachariah Sitchen, who wrote the
book, "The Twelfth Planet"  was right about the Anunnaki
coming back every three thousand years to collect their
gold. Are the aliens who were  resettled in Yugoslavia
actually the Masters that created us as their slave laborers?

At the moment there are NATO forces stationed  in
countries that used to be part of Yugoslavia. We are told
that the troops are there as Peace Keepers. In other words,
they are stationed there to  keep the warring sides from
getting close enough to start fighting again.

But what if the troops are really there  to keep everyone
away from  the area where the 12 million aliens have
settled?  And why is Kosovo being cleared of people now.
Are more aliens on the way?
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