These two statues of a Draco and the Dragon Worm (photo below)werefound in the Goldfield Volcanic Field. Recently I have returned and the statues have been destroyed and changed(Link to damaged statues). Often the Art contains art within art, as exemplified here with the Draconian head of two reptiles on top of the Draco's head eating a man. Notice the missing forearm of the man leaning forward with the mouth of the reptile ready to feast. The mouth of the Draco has a special grating for breathing....notice also the baby draco with his open mouth above the 'teeth' of the Drac....(as the nose) ....To the right of this statue is the Dragon Worm...similar to the familiar character 'Jaba the Hut'....again there is a baby draco/worm to the right of the mouth and arms of the Worm....Bob, a friend of Salvador's showed me the area and told me a very interesting story....recently there were two kids camping out for several days in this terrain....they disappeared.....Screams could be heard from the rock area...but nothing could be found....helicopters and police with search lights came twice to try and find the mysterious screams coming from the rocks....Obviously the Dracos, and Worm, had wanted to terrorize and frighten the searchers by amplifying and piping the childrens' screams above ground, before they were eaten.....The Dracos live underground as well as above ground on Earth....and ofcourse in the Skies.....One of their objectives is to bio-engineer the DNA of hu-manity from a carbon based life form , into a silicon based life form(Hex-6) that is more easily controllable....



aka known as 'Pizza the Hutt'

from a play my daughter did at camp

F* OO* D

There is an interesting story from a cyberspace friend named Mike, about his contact with the Dracos...Mike had been continually abducted by the Greys.... this is his story in his own words....One night I awoke in a strange I often was not very well lit..there was a mist in the was very humid.....there were strange cases and tanks all over the room....I started to look around ...there was a platform in the center of the room...several large beings entered the room......they approached the I did..I guess it was a table...I started to examine the humanoids whose company I was sharing..they had a brownish green complexion..their skin looked moist not dry....they had vertical pupils..they were very large and muscular..kinda looked like kimodo dragons standing upright..they had a slight snout..they communicated with me telepathically..I asked them what all the tanks were for..they told me that the tanks were full of creatures that they had collected for food..I did not recognize any of the creatures in the tanks...and I was a zoology major...the creatures were not of this earth...we proceeded to eat some strange meat..they communicated amongst themselves and with me....then the memory fads away...was I just one of the "boys"?..the Greys may have introduced a Draco neuropeptide into my brain making me think my memory was my own..trying to prove to me that they are "the good guys" as they often do to some people. Since the age of four, I have been fascinated , almost obsessed at times with reptiles..I used to stare at their pictures for hours admiring the most voracious and dominant ones.......



This etching of a Draco, is found in the Arches National Park in a place called Park Avenue. My experience with this exact figure has been that it will manifest itself on my car windows (through the action of condensation), exactly as you see above...letting me know that 'they' are there...the open mouth motif is also found in the seal of the Queen of England in a similar fashion with the open mouth of the 3 lion heads.....the problem for the Queen is that she must answer to the Those you see she well knows....



Here you see the wonderful Mother Dragon, Sha'ak Okita, regurgitating food for the Baby between the Mother and Baby is a long Snake like form with a bearded man's head at the top of the 'Snake'. This statue is found in the Superstitions and is called Miner's Needle...however I think it should be changed to the Great Red Terrible Mother.....and the Beautiful Baby Dragon...There are many other carvings within this matrix of Art.....indeed it is necessary to contemplate the many stories.......and learn...




One of Sha'ak's Stern Cabinet Ministers



While backpacking in the Sups...we chose a spot in which this magnificent Worm mag-estically graced our evening in the shadows of the twilight. The expressions of the 'Wyrm 'changed as the evening shadows of my companions before retiring said, " I think something is watching us". My reply was that "Indeed something I-"S" watching us".

E.A.Poe in his poem 'The Conqueror Worm' said it best

But see, amid the mimic rout

A crawling shape intrude!

A blood-red thing writhes from out

The scenic solitude!

It writhes!----It writhes! ----with mortal pangs

The mimes become its f-oo-d

And the angels sob at vermin fangs

In hu-man gore imbued.


Out---out are the lights ---out all!

And, over each quivering form.

The curtain, a funeral pall,

Comes down with the rush of a storm,

And the angels all pallid and wan,

Uprising, unveiling, affirm

That the play is the tragedy "Man,"

And its hero the Conqueror Worm.



In the Mayan Medicine Wheel of the 20 count, where through much effort an objective number system was discovered that explain the LAWS of life....the number 5 pertains to man...when a 5 + 5 comes together, perhaps in a love relationship, as an example, higher intellect and knowingness can be achieved. However, if a 5 eats a five there is the inevitable loss of energy from the destruction and consuming of the 5 and a downward spiral occurs where higher intellect can never be achieved....Will the Draco who wants to evolve learn the mathematics involved in true evolution rather than involution?....It still remains to be SEEN.......


see the WORK of Hyemeyohsts Storm and his teacher Eschemah on the Wheel of Life.......